The 73150 and 75150 are static generators designed for temporary adhesion applications in modern industry.

Full range of voltage and power capability

30 kV and 50 kV with 150 W of power

Advanced high voltage electronics

For high speed switching, stability and reliability

Control interface for local or remote operation

On-off switching, voltage level, current limit, operational status monitoring

Designed for temporary adhesion applications in modern industry, the 73150 and 75150 Static Generators offer multiple levels of protection for market-leading safety in operation.

The 73150 is a 30 kV static generator whilst the 75150 is 50 kV.  Both have an output power of 150 W from a 24 V DC supply.

  • Solid state electronics and switching for stability and reliability
  • Fast rise and fall times
  • Two high voltage outputs, with external connector box available for > 2 connections
  • Control interface gives complete local and remote operational control
  • 10 V DC supply provided to power remote functions
  • HV output and status monitored with voltage-free relay contacts for alarm or PLC
  • Constant current or constant voltage operating modes

The 73150 and 75150 Static Generators are easy to install and available with negative or positive polarity output.

The best choice of product depends upon the process and the materials to be temporarily adhered. It is often a matter of experience. Please get in touch for further assistance.


1.5 mm steel with mounting brackets.


247 x 301 x 124 mm (W x D x H). 300 mm W including mounting brackets.

Electrical Output

73150: 30 kV max, 150 W, 5 mA.
75150: 50 kV max, 150 W, 3 mA.
Positive or negative polarity to be specified at time of order.

HV Connections

2 generator electrodes can be connected. Connector boxes are available where more than 2 electrodes need to be served.

External Control and Monitoring

Remote control interface (CI) for external control of all functions. Remote monitoring (RM) system to check the High Voltage output status of the generator. Voltage-free relay contacts are provided to switch an alarm or feed back to a PLC.

Electrical Input

24 V DC. 5 m of 24 V DC power cable and 5 m earth lead supplied as standard.


Protected against overload, short-circuit, sparking and mis-wiring.


Dry, oil-free location. 0 - 40 °C maximum temperature, 70 % rH non-condensing max. IP20.



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