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Fraser delivers electrostatic control and generation solutions for every industrial application. We can help you create a working environment safe from the adverse effects of static electricity, or harness its power in a controlled way, to increase process yield, output quality and productivity.

Static Control Solutions

Static Elimination

Cost-effective passive, AC or 24 V DC technology solutions for static neutralisation, dust removal and cleaning.

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Static Generation

Static generation systems, electrodes and IML accessories for safe, clean and controllable temporary adhesion.

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Static Measurement

Accurate and versatile static measurement tools to investigate, monitor and maintain safety and productivity.

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Specialist Equipment

Static control and measurement solutions for specialised industrial applications and hazardous environments.

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DC Short Range Anti-Static Bars

Ideal for eliminating static electricity at distances of 25 mm to 150 mm and at speeds of up to 1500 m/minute. Powered by 24 V DC, these short-range ionisers have all of the electronics and controls built into the body of the bar. They are suitable for most industrial processes including food manufacture and pharmaceutical, printing, plastics and packaging applications. In fact, anywhere there is a sheet or web that requires neutralisation.

DC Long Range Anti-Static Bars

Fraser’s pulsed-DC static eliminators with built-in electronics and controls can provide long range or wide area ionisation where a short range bar cannot be fitted. They can neutralise static charges at distances from 150 mm to 1500+ mm, with or without air assistance. High-power ionisation and in-built intelligence mean some models are ideally suited to accommodate the changing geometry associated with winders or 3-dimensional products.

AC Anti-Static Bars & Power Units

For less demanding static elimination issues, Fraser’s AC anti-static bars can provide a lower cost alternative to DC bars. They are powered by an external high voltage power unit and benefit from a compact, low-profile design. AC bars can be installed in much smaller spaces within machinery or processes where short range neutralisation is needed. The ionisation range is up to approx. 150 mm but can be extended to beyond 500 mm with the addition of air.

Passive Ionisers

Fraser supplies a complete range of passive static-discharging products including brushes, tinsel and cord. Passive ionisers have an unrivalled ability to neutralise high charges and are used widely on high speed machinery processing sheets and webs. Versatile static dischargers represent a low cost static solution if they can be positioned close to two-dimensional product or typically 2-3 mm away from the material for brushes.

ESD Anti-Static

In electronics, the problematic levels of static electricity can be very small - just a few volts, compared to the thousands of volts which are typical in other applications. This requirement for ‘balanced ionisation’ makes many industrial static eliminators unsuitable. Fraser’s range includes low offset-voltage ionised air blowers for area coverage and compact precision ionisers for focused static neutralisation and cleaning.

Cleaning and Dust Removal

Static and contamination are closely connected. Fraser has developed a range of ionised air guns, air nozzles and air knives, supplemented by the powerful 4900 Roto-Clean, to neutralise the static charge and remove electrostatically attracted dust and other contaminants. Our solutions also prevent re-attraction of charged airborne particles, increasing yield and quality.

Static Generators and Charging Electrodes

Static Generators are widely used for providing clean, safe temporary adhesion in situations where glue or other adhesives are unsuitable, too expensive or inefficient. Complemented by our range of IML accessories, Fraser generators and charging electrodes are designed to be easily installed and integrated with your machinery. They are supplied with rugged mechanical enclosures for wall or bench mounting.

Static Measurement

Scientific investigation of static problems is difficult and frustrating without a method of measurement. The Fraser range includes the handheld 715 Static Meter which is used throughout the industrial world. Additionally, the EX-715 Static Meter has unique ATEX and IECEx certification and the L40 Liquid Conductivity Meter is essential in combating electrostatic ignition hazards in flammable fuels and solvents.

EX-Hazardous Area Static Control

The special requirements of dangerous or volatile environments are addressed by our ATEX and IECEx certified static neutralisation and measurement products. From static measurement and passive dischargers to an electrically-powered static elimination system with air knife options, Fraser’s EX range is trusted by industries worldwide.

Pneumatic Conveying

Solutions for the neutralisation of static charge within pipework. Eliminates the static cling of material to itself, to delivery chutes or to the walls of the pipework. This leads to a decrease in blockages, less separation of mixed product, a reduction in spurious ‘hits’ by metal detectors and easier bagging of product. For industry-standard pipe diameters and flanges with custom sizes available.

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