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Seven Golden Rules

Information from our experts on the Seven Golden Rules of Static Control

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Answers to your frequently asked questions about static electricity in manufacturing

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Learn more about industrial static electricity and the benefits of our technologies

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Application Insights

Understand more about when to apply different types of static control technology

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Electrostatic Insights

All you need to know about the fundamentals of electrostatics

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Industry Insights

See how we can help with common static control problems in your industry sector

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Industry Insights
We work with companies in the plastic production, plastic converting, moulding, printing, automotive and life science sectors. We help business owners, senior management, designers, engineers and production teams...
A Guide to Static Elimination – Basic Rules and Principles
There are rules in static elimination which must be followed.  A thorough understanding of these principles is essential to getting the best performance out of your equipment.  The...
Measurement of Static Electricity
Measuring static electricity is important.  It allows you to see if there is a static charge present, its size and where it is being generated. Static electricity is...
The Triboelectric Series Table
The Greek philosopher and mathematician, Thales of Miletus observed, in around 600 BC, that by rubbing amber with wool, the amber could be made to attract small items...
What is Electrostatics?
Electrostatics is the study of static electricity. In many ways electrostatics has been a neglected science because static electricity has never been considered as useful as “current electricity”....
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