Having static electricity present during a label application process can present many problems including the attraction of contaminants in addition to miss-application of the label.

Industry: Packaging
Static Elimination for Label Applicators - Select a problem:

Short range 3014 or 1250-S Static Eliminators positioned at the point where the label leaves the applicator will neutralise the label and the product. This is especially useful where plastic items are being labelled. If the product indexes before the labelling head, a second static eliminator may be required slightly upstream.

If space to mount a static eliminator is unavailable at the applicator head, then a different solution is needed. A 3024L Static Eliminator provides longer range, pulsed DC neutralisation and allows the bar to be mounted further away.

Alternatively, a 1250 Air Bar uses a controlled flow of compressed air to carry the ions to the target area.


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