Pneumatic transport systems are used to convey plastic bottles, pellets, recycled plastics, waste, trim and similar materials around a factory. The interaction between the product, air and the inside of the pipework can cause serious static electricity problems.

Industry: Plastics
Static Control in Pneumatic/Gravity Transport Systems - Select a problem:

The static electricity can cause fires, blocking inside the pipes, bad separation and filling problems in containers at the discharge end of the system. The 6000 Iontube is designed to overcome these problems with trim extraction. Positioned immediately before the problem, it will neutralise the static charge in the product and eliminate the issue.

The outside diameter of the 6000 Iontube can be from 50 mm to 350 mm as standard, or we can use customer supplied or specified pipe for complete system compatibility.

For environmental reasons, chopped film waste-edge trim can be re-introduced with virgin granulate material at the start of a cast film process. Static charge can cause the film trim to separate and cling to the pipework.

Positioning a 3024 DC Ring Ioniser at the infeed to the process neutralises the charge on the materials and allows for a good, integrated flow of materials into the process.

Prior to bagging, it is a common requirement that the granulate material is checked for metal inclusions that would damage a customer's machinery. The high static charge on the granulate material gives false readings on metal detectors.

A 3024 DC Ring Ioniser installed immediately before the metal detector reduces the charge and prevents false positives. Additionally, the reduction in static charge improves the efficiency of the subsequent bagging process.

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