The 6000 Iontube In-Line Ioniser is designed to be incorporated into pneumatic transport systems to neutralise the static electricity generated in this process.

High performance and reliability

Important when a factory-critical operation, such as waste extraction, depends on it

Choice of pipework and material

Stainless steel pipes as standard; customer may specify other types of pipe/material

Remote monitoring options

Important when the Iontube is positioned in an inaccessible place

Designed for incorporation into pneumatic transport systems, the 6000 Iontube In-Line Ioniser prevents blockages and problems due to static electricity in pipework, cyclones, air separators, hoppers and collection systems.

  • Ionisation is provided by anti-static bars mounted in enclosures around the Iontube
  • Bars are individually wired to a connector box for ease of replacement if damaged
  • 6000 Iontubes use Jacob stainless steel 1000 mm long pipes as standard
  • Wide choice of diameters for compatibility with other pipework systems (see
  • Can also be made with the customer’s specified pipework – metal or plastic
  • Iontubes are powered by Fraser 5.5 kV HP Power Units, current-limited to 5 mA for safety, with optional remote monitoring capability

The 6000 Iontube In-Line Ioniser is widely used in pneumatic and gravity transport systems handling trim, waste and similar material.


The Iontube consists of Fraser 1250 Static Eliminators mounted into housings welded around the circumference of a stainless steel tube. The welding is airtight. See Datasheet for pipe sizes.


Standard DIN pipe sizes with outside diameters of 50 mm, 80 mm and 100 mm, then in 50 mm increments to 350 mm. Other sizes and diameters are available.


2 m of HT cable is standard, unless otherwise specified. This determines the distance between the Iontube and the power unit.

Power Unit

Used with a Fraser HP Power Unit which converts the mains voltage to approx. 5.5 kV. It is current-limited with a maximum current output of 5 mA for safety.



6000 Iontube – Static Eliminator for pneumatic transort systems

Industrial Static Electricity – Its causes, effects and solutions

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