The pocket-sized 720 provides a quick and accurate method of checking that AC static eliminator bars are working.

Is the AC static eliminator working correctly?

720 checks quickly and reliably


Pocket-sized for engineers to carry

Broad scope of use

Suitable for checking AC bars, blowers, air guns, air knives, nozzles

The 720 AC Static Bar Checker is a pocket-sized instrument that allows operators and maintenance personnel to quickly verify that conventional AC static elimination equipment is working and whether it needs cleaning.

The 720 works by measuring the electric charge induced onto the internal sensor by the emitter pins of the static eliminator.  An integrated circuit drives the LED display, according to the power of the signal.

After pressing and holding the white button on the AC Static Bar Checker and approaching the static eliminator:

  • The LED display responds to the electric field of the static eliminator to show it is working
  • The operator can monitor change in the intensity of the electric field by taking a reading at the same distance each time
  • A deterioration of the signal on the LED display shows that the static eliminator needs cleaning or that the power unit/transformer is faulty
  • No signal means that the static eliminator is not working, most likely because of a short in the system or a fault with the transformer

The battery on the 720 should be checked every 6 months.


PP3, 9 V. The current is 16 mA when an LED is illuminated, giving 34 hours of continuous operation or about 10,000 single tests.


65.8 x 99.6 x 24.0 mm (W x H x D).



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