The L40 Liquid Conductivity Meter is an essential diagnostic instrument for electrostatic hazard control.

Measurement of low conductivity liquids

Monitoring safety levels in fuels and solvents

Measurement range

0.1 pS.m-1 to 1.0 x 108 pS.m-1


Rechargeable battery in addition to 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz supply

The motion of low conductivity liquids, such as fuels and solvents, can result in the generation of hazardous levels of static electricity.  Industrial operations such as stirring, pouring and flow through metal or plastic pipes, for example, can produce ignition, fires and explosions.

Designed for ease of use and accurate measurement of conductivity in liquids to below 1 pS.m-1, the L40 Liquid Conductivity Meter is a critical diagnostic instrument for investigating ignition hazard.  The L40 features:

  • Microprocessor controlled auto-zeroing before every measurement for high precision
  • Auto-ranging covering 0.1 pS.m-1 to 1.0 x 108 pS.m-1
  • Direct read-out of conductivity on the back-lit digital display
  • External stainless steel metering cell, with a 36 ml metering dose volume
  • Integrated rechargeable battery, providing meters with an alternative power source for portability

Additional options include low-volume or spare metering cells for multiple sample collection.

Metering Cell Volume

36 ml.

Electrode Spacing

10 ± 0.8 mm.

Bias Voltage

5 V DC.

Total Measurement Range

0.1 pS.m-1 - 1.0 x 108 pS.m-1.

Power Supply

Internal rechargeable battery cells and mains 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz.

Time for Full Battery Charge

16 hours (overnight).

Low Battery

Indication on digital display.

Options (not included in basic kit)

Spare metering cell. Low-volume metering cell.

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