Some processes within label printing and converting can generate large volumes of static, which can in turn result in operator shocks, product rejection and production delays.

Industry: Printing, Converting
Static Control on Winders – Label Printing and Converting - Select a problem:

If space permits, a 1250-S AC anti-static bar or a 3014 DC short range static eliminator positioned after the last guide roller will provide efficient neutralisation.

Alternatively a 3024L aimed at the rewind will provide a good result.

Space constraints can dictate the use of a pulsed DC, long range 3024L Static Eliminator to target the area after the last guide rollers.

Arguably the best solution for complete neutralisation, intelligent static eliminators from the NEOS range can be located anywhere up to 600 - 800 mm from the reels.

Focused on the area where the web joins the reel, NEOS Intelligent Static Eliminators are reactive and adapt to the changing geometry of the winder.

Winders on Printers

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