Static electricity can be used to 'pin' the film to the last steel cylinder before the winder. This will prevent the web from moving laterally from side-to-side and causing a bad reel. The same technique is used on cast film lines to prevent the film shrinking ('neck-in') when it touches the chill roller.

Industry: Converting
Edge Pinning on Winders and Cast Film Lines - Select a problem:

A short static generator bar at either edge of the last steel cylinder is enough to prevent lateral movement of the web. A pair of 7081 Generator Bars or 7095 Static Pinners powered by an IONFIX Compact Static Generator will provide more than enough adhesion to ensure accurate winds.

To overcome the hot and hostile environment of a cast film extrusion line, Fraser has designed the 7093 Edge Pinner.

Two 7093 Edge Pinners and the IONFIX Compact Static Generator will effectively 'pin' the edges of the film to the chill roller and prevent shrinkage.

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