The 7090 and 7095 are static pinners for electrostatic charging and pinning of small areas and objects.

Complete range of compact 30 kV charging electrodes

For pinning and small applications, with high temperature option

Tungsten emitters and epoxy encapsulation

For long and trouble-free life

5 mm emitter pitch

Generates intense and even field for better adhesion

Static pinners are employed in many applications ranging from trim charging, edge pinning, and air-exclusion to In-Mould Labelling (IML).  Operating at up to 30 kV with power from a Fraser IONFIX Compact Generator, or similar, 7090 and 7095 Static Pinners enable efficient electrostatic charging and pinning of small areas and objects.

  • 7090 – has a compact tubular design for pin-point charging of the smallest areas
  • 7095 – suitable for intense, short applications and is available in three sizes for varying widths.
  • All parts completely encapsulated for reliability and safety
  • HT cable is protected by a nylon conduit
  • Shockless, resistively coupled tungsten emitters for long life
  • Used with IONFIX 30 kV Generators, the operator has full control with operational feedback

7090 and 7095 Static Pinners are used in a broad variety of electrostatic adhesion applications, including interleaving, pinning, labelling, IML, wrapping, bagmaking and many others.


  • 7095-12 HT: High temperature version (100 °C max).

The best choice of product depends upon the process and the materials to be temporarily adhered. It is often a matter of experience. Please get in touch for further assistance.


All materials used meet UL94 V-0 flammability ratings. 7090 - 3 tungsten emitters. 7095-x tungsten emitters at 5 mm pitch (see Datasheet).


7090: Diameter 20 mm.
Length: 100 mm (body), 123.5 mm (including connector).
7095 Series available lengths:
7095-4: 36 mm, 7095-8: 56 mm, 7095-12: Lengths 76 mm.


7090: 110 g
7095-4: 100 g, 7095-8: 120 g, 7095-12: 140 g


2 m of HV cable. Longer lengths can be specified at time of order. Cable terminates in HV connector. Protective nylon conduit on cable. Minimum bend diameter 100 mm.


100 MOhm resistance for safe operation.


Clean, dry and oil-free location. Temperature 60 °C max.


Use with Fraser 30 kV generators. State generator model at time of order.




7095-12 HT: High temperature version available (100 °C max).

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