Small pharmaceutical components or tablets being oriented into the right position by bowl feeders for transportation on single line delivery systems can generate charges that cause static attraction or repulsion of those parts.

Industry: Life Sciences

Bowl feeders are used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries to orient small components or tablets into the right position to be transported on single line delivery systems to filling, packing or inspection lines.

Static charges on these small parts can cause them to stick to each other or to the bowl itself.  Alternatively, with like charges, repulsion can cause them to be ejected from the bowl.

Eliminate Static on Pharmaceutical Vibratory Bowl Feeders - Select a problem:

Positioning long range static eliminators, such as the pulsed DC 3850 Ionstorm and 3024L bars, or a 2050 Ionised Air Blower above the bowl should eliminate product misbehaviour issues. This will also prevent contamination attraction.

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