The 3850 Ionstorm system uses advanced pulsed DC ionisation technology for static neutralisation at long distances without air assistance.

Advanced pulsed DC technology with adjustable power, polarity, frequency

Allows customisation of ionised output for particular applications

For wide area and long range neutralisation

Assembly benches, digital print, sheet cutters, winders

24 V DC or 115/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz operation

Local and remote alarm signals; settings lockable

The 3850 Ionstorm system neutralises static electricity at long distances from 200 mm to over 1000 mm without air assistance.  Powered by the 3700-SC Ionstorm Controller, Ionstorm Static Eliminator bars are available in two versions:

  • 3850-SC (Standard): with 125 mm emitter pitch for wide area neutralisation
  • 3850-HP-SC (High Power): with 75 mm emitter pitch for use in most industrial applications

Manually adjustable Controller settings in the 3850 Ionstorm system allow performance optimisation for range, polarity and up to 15 kV of ionising power to suit the requirement.

  • Shockless, replaceable tungsten emitters guarantee an unlimited life
  • Unique double-wall separation of negative and positive emitters prevents surface conduction
  • LEDs on the Controller indicate operational status
  • Duplicate remote signals for PLC or to power external lamps, relays


  • Bars joined in series
  • 3850-SC Connector Box (2:1 or 4:1) for powering multiple bars from one 3700-SC Controller subject to maximum load. (Download separate Datasheet)

The best choice of product depends upon process speed, the distance of the static eliminator from the target and the level of static charge to be neutralised. Please get in touch for further assistance.


Rigid, easy-to-clean PVC body. Replaceable, long-life tungsten emitters in FR-ABS Housing.


59 x 54 mm (W x H).

Available Lengths:
3850-SC: 250 mm, then in steps of 250 mm to 5000 mm.
3850-HP-SC: 175 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, then in steps of 150 mm to 5000 mm.

Maximum length of 5000 mm in one rigid bar. Can be joined together to make bars up to 10000 mm.

Output Voltage

Adjustable 0 - 15 kV from the 3700-SC Ionstorm Controller.

Maximum Load

Combined bar and cable per 3700-SC Controller: 3850-SC – 15 m, 3850-HP-SC – 12 m.

Output Voltage

Adjustable 0 - 15 kV from the 3700-SC Ionstorm Controller.


A balanced output can be set if the static charge varies. If the static charge is constant, the balance can be adjusted 80:20 in each polarity for even better performance.


In a protective nylon conduit, 2 m standard. Up to 10 m can be specified provided that it is within maximum load. Screw connectors for fast connection to the 3700-SC Ionstorm Controller.

Remote Operation

On/Off and Alarm via the 6-pin mini-DIN connector on the 3700-SC Ionstorm Controller.

Electrical Input

115/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz. 24 V DC.


60 °C max. 70 % rH non-condensing max.


Bars joined in series.
3850-SC Connector Box (2:1 and 4:1 options) allows multiple bars to be powered from one 3700-SC Ionstorm Controller. See separate Datasheet.

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