Following cast film extrusion, a chill roller cools the film. The film must be pinned to prevent shrinkage or 'neck-in'. When speeds increase, heat transfer efficiency reduces as the contact becomes less intimate and may require additional pinning.

Industry: Plastics
Increase Thermal Transfer to Chill Rollers - Select a problem:

To overcome the hot and hostile environment of a cast film extrusion line, Fraser has designed the 7093 Static Edge Pinner. Two 7093 Edge Pinners and the IONFIX Compact Static Generator will effectively pin the edges of the film to the chill roller and prevent shrinkage. An alternative is the 7095-HT Pinner.

The static charge from a 7160 Generator Bar across the width of the web will improve the contact to the earthed chill roller and increase the efficiency of heat transfer at all speeds. An IONFIX Compact or Pro Generator is used to power the bar.

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