EX-HPSD 101 and 201 Static Dischargers are powerful anti-static tools which have been ATEX certified for use in hazardous areas.

Unrivalled cost-effectiveness

The low cost does not mean low performance

Easy maintenance

Solvent resistant / washable construction


Choice of body style and fibre lengths

Fraser EX-HPSD 101 and 201 Static Dischargers are powerful anti-static tools.  ATEX certified for use in hazardous areas, they combine unrivalled cost-effectiveness with high performance.

Frequently called ‘passive’ static eliminators or anti-static brushes, Fraser EX-HPSD static dischargers are particularly efficient at neutralising high charge levels and on high speed machinery.

Typically positioned 2-3 mm from the material to be neutralised, the fine conductive tips of the fibre concentrate the electric field to create ionised air which allows the static charge to flow to earth.

Used by coaters, gravure and flexo printers and laminators across the world, the construction of EX-HPSD Static Dischargers allows them to resist aggressive chemicals and be cleaned in the solvent used.

Custom-made to the required length, and with a choice of three carbon fibre lengths, there are two ATEX certified EX-HPSD versions available:

  • EX-HPSD 101 with an aluminium ‘h’ body, incorporating an M4x10 earthing stud
  • EX-HPSD 201 with an aluminium ‘u’ body and M4x10 fixed mounting studs

EX-HPSD Static Dischargers must be connected to earth.


EX-HPSD 101 - 2 mm extruded aluminium walls with ‘h’ body.
EX-HPSD 201 - compact aluminium 'u' body.

Dimensions (Body)

EX-HPSD 101 - 11 mm x 25 mm (W x H).
EX-HPSD 201 - 9.5 mm x 9.5 mm (W x H).

Available Lengths

EX-HPSD 101 - Any length of static discharger up to 4000 mm.
EX-HPSD 201 - Any length of static discharger up to 3000 mm.


Carbon Fibre: 6/7 μm diameter. Density of 60,000 filaments/cm. Available with 18 mm, 30 mm or 50 mm fibre length.


EX-HPSD 101 - Fixing holes can be drilled in the single wall upright of the ‘h’ body. The M4 x 10 earthing stud is 10 mm from one end.
EX-HPSD 201 - The M4 fixing studs are 10 mm from each end and also in the middle for lengths above 1000 mm.


CE. ATEX EX certified for use in hazardous areas.

Industrial Static Electricity – Its causes, effects and solutions

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