Static electricity causes unique problems for injection mouldings which have a high surface-to-weight ratio. These include hollow, thin-walled mouldings like disposable syringes and other medical products.

Industry: Cleanroom

Static electricity causes severe problems throughout the injection moulding process.  Many of these problems are unique to hollow, thin-walled mouldings, such as disposable syringes and other medical products, which have a high surface-to-weight ratio.

Whether the issue is product misbehaviour, attraction of contaminants or shocks to operators, Fraser has a solution.

Static Control for Cleanroom Injection Moulding - Select a problem:

When a fan filter unit (FFU) is positioned over the open toolface, a long range pulsed DC 3850 Ionstorm or a 3024L static eliminator, set across the centre of the HEPA filter, will keep the laminar flow air and components free of static charge and prevent contaminant attraction.

A NEOS 12L or a 3024L long range anti-static bar positioned above the open collection box will prevent this new charging and subsequent related issues.

Following removal from an open tool, larger components are often placed by robot onto a moving conveyor. To prevent the attraction of contaminants, these conveyors are fitted with cover tunnels, sometimes with a fan filter unit (FFU) installed to produce positive pressure within the tunnel.

If an FFU is used, a 3850 Ionstorm or 3024L long range static eliminator can be considered in front of the HEPA filter face to keep the laminar-flow air and the tunnel environment static-free. Often, even if an FFU is fitted, short range static eliminator bars such as a 3014 or 3024F can be installed at the tunnel entrance and exit to ionise the escaping air, keeping components entering or exiting the tunnel neutral.

Placing a 5100 Ionised Air Knife above the open tool, projecting a blade of ionised air downward across the face of the tool, will ensure the components are neutralised. This prevents attraction of the part to the mould face and allows the components to be directed downward as required.

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