The 5000 and 5100 Ionised Air Knives produce fast-moving ionised air which can neutralise static electricity and remove contaminants.

High speed laminar ionised air

For thorough cleaning and static neutralisation

Sizes for all applications

From 80 mm long to over 2500 mm

Range of ionisation options

AC or DC static eliminators. ATEX option for hazardous areas.

Fraser 5000 and 5100 Ionised Air Knives produce fast-moving ionised air to neutralise static charges and remove contaminants in a wide variety of cleaning applications.

The 5000 and 5100 can be used for sheet separation, dust removal and numerous cleaning applications ranging from automobile and automotive mouldings to medical parts and packaging.

  • Up to 6 kV of ionising power from a 1250-S Static Eliminator bar and Fraser HP Power Unit
  • Powerful ionisation kills the static charge, allowing removal by the fast beam of laminar air
  • Non-turbulent laminar airflow increasing cleaning and static neutralisation performance
  • Air knives amplify compressed air by a factor of up to 20:1 for economy
  • Adjustable airspeed, with best cleaning distance between 100 – 150 mm

The compact 5000 and the efficient 5100 are both available in a wide range of standard lengths.  The 5100 Ionised Air Knife is also available in custom lengths.


  • ATEX certified static elimination for hazardous areas
  • 24 V DC static eliminator options

The best choice of product depends upon process speed, the distance of the static eliminator from the target and the level of static charge to be neutralised. Please get in touch for further assistance.


Air Knife: aluminium.
1250-S Static Eliminator Bar (see separate Datasheet).


Airknives available in standard lengths of:
5000 – 150, 300, 450, 600, 750, 900 mm.
5100 – 80, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 450, 500, 600, 750, 800, 900, 1000, 1200 and 1300 mm. Non-standard at 100 mm steps up to 2500 mm.


Hi-Flex 30 kV screened cable with 70 mm bend diameter. Standard length is 2 m - longer lengths can be specified at time of order (subject to maximum load on power unit).


Meets OSHA and international standards. 5 mA maximum current from power unit. High voltage resistance inside bars further limits current below 50 μA.

Power Unit

Use with Fraser 5.5 kV and 6 kV Power Units. See Datasheets.

Air Supply

The air should be clean and dry.
Air connection(s): 1/4” BSP female thread with push-fit connector for 8 mm OD tubing.


60 °C maximum temperature. 70 % rH non-condensing max.
Noise from Air Knife at 1 m is 65 dB(A).




ATEX EX version – see EX-1250 EX Static Eliminator.
24 V DC static eliminator options.

Industrial Static Electricity – Its causes, effects and solutions

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