In gravure printing or coating lines, where combustible inks or solvents are used, one spark from a static charge could result in fire or explosion and serious injury or death. Our ATEX-certified range of static control products is designed specifically for these hazardous EX applications.

On web-fed rotogravure presses, the printing substrate passes over many sets of rollers in the different printing stations. This high-speed travel causes repeated contact/separation events that generate a static charge.  One spark from a static discharge could, in many cases, ignite the solvent-laden atmosphere at the print stations and result in fire or explosion and serious injury or death.

Only ATEX-certified static control products may be used in hazardous area EX applications.  Positioning static control equipment before and after each print station will neutralise the static charges and reduce the safety risks in hazardous area EX printing applications.

More information from the UK Government Health and Safety Executive in relation to Hazardous Area Classifications can be found here.

Safe Static Elimination for Gravure Printing - Select a problem:

The objective is to reduce the static charge in the web entering and leaving the printing/coating head so that it does not present a fire hazard.

EX-1250 EX Static Eliminators are carefully designed for optimum neutralisation. EX-HPSD 101/201 Static Dischargers can also be used.

The EX-715 EX Static Meter allows the engineer to safely investigate the static problem efficiently and scientifically.

The Fraser EX-715 is the only ATEX- and IECEx-certified meter.

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