Static electricity causes problems throughout the print finishing industry, including sheet misfeeding, paper jams in machinery and untidy stacking or collation caused by sheets sticking to each other or the paper-feed path.

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Static electricity causes sheets to stick together, resulting in misfeeds, double-feeds and sheet twisting on the feedboard.

A 4300 In-Line Air Ioniser can be installed into the existing sheet separator airlines to ionise the air blown into the paper stack. Or 4510 Ionised Air Nozzles can be installed.

Static in the sheet after printing can cause bad delivery and a ragged stack.

The solution is to position a 1250-S or 3014 Static Eliminator so that it is within 50 mm of the sheet, avoiding the grippers, as it travels towards the delivery.

A short range ionising bar positioned in the paper path prior to the folding plate or gathering area will neutralise the sheets as they travel. It will also prevent them sticking to each other or to the machinery.

3014 or 1250-S Static Eliminators will both provide an efficient solution and allow accurate and consistent delivery of the sheets.

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