The 4300 is an in-line compressed air ioniser for ionisation of an existing air supply.

In-line ionisation

For difficult applications

Choice of power units

Use with any of the Fraser 5.5 – 6 kV range

Range of applications

Includes sheet feeders, separators, colour mixers

The 4300 is an in-line compressed air ioniser for use where the ionisation of an existing air supply, in an ordinary compressed airline, is required.  This system can be used where compressed air is deployed to remove electrostatic contaminants or air separation systems are fitted to sheet feeding decks.

  • Ionises the air in flexible pipework with 5.5 – 6 kV of ionising power provided by a 1265 Single Point Ioniser
  • If positioned close to the discharge end, the recombination of ions will reduce and effectiveness increase
  • Easy to install – standard air fitting is for 10 mm ID flexible airpipe; alternatively, the ¼” BSP female thread could be used for the customer’s air fittings and pipework
  • Air fittings and pipework must be plastic and as large as possible to maximise life of ionised air in the pipe

The 4300 In-Line Ioniser is used in lower pressure applications, typically on sheet feeders and air separation systems.  It is not a high pressure fitting and must be installed on the discharge side of any control valve



Stainless steel body. 1265 Ioniser has stainless steel body with PTFE insulation and nylon cable gland.


See 4300 In-Line Ioniser Datasheet.


Hi-Flex 30 kV screened cable with 70 mm bend diameter. Standard length is 2 m – longer lengths can be specified at time of order (subject to maximum load on power unit).


5 mA maximum current from power unit. Ionisation system is shockless.
Must be installed on discharge side of control valve, not closed within high pressure system.

Power Unit

Use with Fraser 5.5 kV and 6 kV Power Units. See Datasheets.

Air Supply

The air must be clean and dry. Moisture in the air will seriously interfere with the operation of the equipment and can cause irreparable damage.

Air Connection

The air connector on the nozzles is ¼" BSP with connector for a 10 mm ID flexible pipe. The air flow from the In-Line Air Ioniser may be from either end.


60 °C max temperature. 70 % rH non-condensing max.



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