Static charges generated in the thermoformed blister pack filling process can lead to the repulsion of tablets or capsules, product jams, attraction of contaminants and poor blister pack sealing.

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Static Charges from Tablet Blister Packaging - Select a problem:

A short range static eliminator bar such as a 3014 or 1250-S placed at the end of the delivery chute, close to the thermoformed-tray filling position, will neutralise the product and the tray to eradicate the static repulsion.

On some lines, a knock-down brush is placed further down the line to insert tablets not quite seated correctly in the tray base. These brushes can regenerate static charges and a second short range 3014 or 1250-S Static Eliminator should be placed at the exact point the filled trays exit the brush.

Where thermoformed tray-base material is placed on the line already pre-contaminated, a 5000/5100 Ionised Air Knife can be used for neutralisation and dust removal from the tray cavities prior to filling.

Tablets can become trapped by electrostatic attraction and adhere to surfaces at various positions during their transport to the filling station. Typical positions for tablet hold-up are either in the bowl feeder, if used, or in the delivery chute.

Placing a short range, pulsed DC 3850 Ionstorm or 3024L Static Eliminator above the open bowl feeder will neutralise the static issues on the delivery chute. Often just one single bar placed at a position across the top entry point for the tablets will prevent sticking and product jams.

Upstream neutralisation in the blister-pack filling process can also help improve the results at the critical point. Two of the most effective pre filling-station neutralisation positions are on the tray-base material reel wind-off and above the thermoformed tray-base just before the filling station. 3024L or 3850 Ionstorm long-range DC Static Eliminators directed at these locations will reduce generated static charges and prevent the attraction of contaminants to the tray-bases.

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