Numerous static issues are encountered when applying protective, optically clear, self-adhesive lamination film to the printed face of a graphic display board. Problems can range from the attraction of dust and contaminants to the repulsion of both surfaces.

Industry: Printing
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The most versatile and economic solution to clean graphic art boards is the 4125 Ionised Air Gun. This blow-off gun is not only an effective tool for dust removal but also neutralises the charge, preventing re-attraction of contaminants.

By neutralising both the film and graphic board before lamination, this issue can be resolved. Where access permits, placing a short range 3014 or 1250-S Static Eliminator close to the critical area, and in particular at the 'nip', will neutralise the static charge.

If access is limited, then a longer range solution can be provided by the pulsed DC 3850 Ionstorm Static Eliminator.

At the point where the release backing web is peeled free from the lamination film, enormous static charges are generated. This leads to the attraction of contamination to the glued side of the film before the surfaces meet for laminating. Often, as laminated board is hauled out from the laminating head along the lay-up table, operators receive large static shocks.

A long range solution can be provided by the 3850 Ionstorm Static Eliminator, which is safe for the operator to work under.

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