Static electricity causes severe problems throughout the packaging industry, including in wrapping, printing and labelling processes.

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If the film sticks to the product, or machine, place a short range 3014 or 1250-S Static Eliminator at the last position where the film is in free air before wrapping the product. If the unwinding film will not leave the reel, or wraps around rollers, it should be neutralised by a 1250 Air Bar Static Eliminator just after the unwind.

If large reels are used, then a long range 3024L or 3850 Ionstorm anti-static ionising bar could be used. The same principles apply to over-wrappers, flow-wrappers and shrink-wrappers.

A short range 3014 or 1250-S Static Eliminator positioned above the products on the conveyor, prior to the print-head, will prevent static-related issues.

Where the product height varies by more than 100 mm, a longer range solution is needed. The NEOS 12L Intelligent Static Eliminator provides excellent medium range neutralisation up to 600 mm.

If a static eliminator bar cannot be used because of mounting or location issues, then a 2010 Ionised Air Blower can be installed with excellent results.

The static charge could be in the label or on the product, for example a plastic bottle. Careful positioning of a short-range 3014 or 1250-S Static Eliminator can neutralise the charge in both areas and resolve static-related issues.

The ionising bar should be aimed at the product and also the label as it leaves the applicator. If the product indexes before the labelling head, a second ionising bar could be required slightly upstream.

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