The 2010 Ionised Air Blower is a long distance static eliminator with a robust aluminium construction and powerful ionisation performance.

High performance industrial ionised air blower

Powerful ionisation, variable speed airflow, built-in power unit

Robust construction, modular design

Lengths from 305 mm to 2000 mm

Wide range of applications

Wide area static neutralisation as well as targeted processes such as winders

The 2010 Ionised Air Blower is a powerful, long distance static eliminator.  Positioned 200 – 1500 mm from the material, the 2010 produces a high volume of ionised air to neutralise static charges in a wide variety of industrial applications.

It is particularly suited to applications where there is considerable ambient air movement which could reduce the effectiveness on non-air-assisted long range static eliminator bars.

  • Fast static neutralisation is provided by two 1250-S Static Eliminators with long-life emitters integrated into an aluminium frame
  • Robust modular design allows construction in lengths up to 2000 mm in 250 mm steps
  • Fan speed controlled variable airflow up to 5600 lit/min per 250 mm
  • Ionised air leaving the blower expands at about 15° for effective wide area coverage longer than the blower’s actual length
  • One 120 V or 230 V, 50/60 Hz connection powers all functions

The 2010 Ionised Air Blower is simple to install and maintain:

  • Swivel L brackets allow for versatile mounting
  • Anti-static bars can be removed from the front for ease of servicing


Blower - aluminium frame.


244 x 198 mm (H x D).
Available Lengths: minimum order length 305 mm, then 500 mm and in steps of 250 mm up to 2000 mm.
Total length = order length + 73 mm.


IEC connector and 2 m mains cable.


High resistance for shockless operation. Emitter current-limited to <50 uA.

Power Unit

Integrated Power Unit.


One axial fan per 250 mm. Rated at 50,000 hours.
Flow rate: 5600 lit/min per fan/250 mm.

Electrical Input

120 V or 230 V (nominal), 50/60 Hz. Please specify.
Consumption: 305 mm - 80 W, 500 mm - 120 W, then + 40 W for each additional 250 mm.


60 °C maximum temperature, 70 % rH non-condensing max.



2010 – Ionised Air Blower for long range static elimination

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