Many products need to be date-coded or marked with inkjet printers. If the package is statically charged then this can affect the print quality, cause print-head contamination or damage sensitive electronics.

Industry: Packaging

Many products become statically charged as they progress through the production process.  This can affect the necessary inkjet coding and marking process.

Poor print quality, blocked print-heads and damaged electronics can all easily be solved by neutralising the package before the coding stage.

Static Affecting Inkjet Coding and Marking - Select a problem:

A short range 3014 or 1250-S Static Eliminator positioned above the conveyor and prior to the print-head will neutralise the products and prevent static-related issues.

Where the height of the product varies significantly, a longer range, pulsed DC solution is needed. The 3024L or NEOS 12L Intelligent Static Eliminator provide excellent medium range neutralisation.

If a static eliminator bar cannot be used because of mounting or location issues, then a 2010 Ionised Air Blower can be installed.

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