The 8001 Precision Point Ioniser removes static electricity and contamination from small objects, including sensitive electronic components and assemblies.

24 V DC operation with integrated electronics

LEDs showing operational status, duplicated signals for remote monitoring

Balanced ionisation for better than +/- 20 V

Exceeds ANSI ESD STM 3.1

Precision static neutralisation and cleaning

For cleanrooms to ISO Class 4 and Critical ESD Protected Areas (EPAs)

The 8001 provides precision point static neutralisation and cleaning in higher technology, controlled environments and in compact industrial applications, including sensitive electronic components and assemblies.

  • Integrated electronics for self-contained operation, requiring only 24 V DC input and a compressed air supply
  • Delivers up to 3 kV of ionising power at 65 – 70 kHz
  • Replaceable tungsten emitter for a long, trouble-free life
  • Three colour LEDs on body show operational status
  • Additional remote monitoring of status and cleanliness through 24 V signal

8001 Precision Point Ioniser accessories (see Datasheet) include wide area showers, flexible and long nozzles, extensions and special pipework.  This makes it ideal for static neutralisation, dust removal and elimination of airborne contaminants in the ESD, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.


100 – 250 V AC PSU


PVC body, stainless steel base, tungsten emitter.


123 mm x 25 mm x 32 mm (L x W x H).


80 g.

Output Voltage

Up to 3 kV supply integrated into the Ioniser. 65 - 70 kHz.

Remote Monitor/Local Status Indication

Two signals available: ‘OK’ and ‘Attention’.
Outputs compatible with IEC 61131-2 Type 3 PLC inputs. Signal protected against shorting and miswiring.
Three colour LEDS on Ioniser for local status indication.

Electrical Input

Input: 24 V DC (21 - 28 V), max current 0.1 A. M8 x 4-pin male connector. M8 x 4 core cable to be ordered separately.

Air Supply

0 - 5 Bar max. 0.5 - 2.0 Bar optimum. Clean, dry air. Push-fit connector for 6 mm OD tubing.


0 - 55 °C, 70 % rH non-condensing max.


CE. Cleanroom classification ISO Class 4.


100 - 250 V AC PSU also available.

Industrial Static Electricity – Its causes, effects and solutions

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