Static electricity causes problems throughout the bag making industry. Fraser offers cost-effective solutions to all of these problems.

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Static Control and Generation for Bagmakers - Select a problem:

Bad stacking on the delivery side of the welding head is the most common static problem with flat bags. Short range static elimination bars such as the 3014 or 3024F will solve the problem over the delivery.

However, due to space constraints at that location, static eliminators can instead be fitted on the infeed side to reduce the charge level before welding.

The rotary nature of wicket bagmakers means that static eliminators cannot be located close to the bags being produced.

This calls for long range static eliminators such as NEOS 20, NEOS 30 or XIFOS 33. Generally, place one static eliminator on either side - and possibly one at the top for larger bags.

Reinforcing patch handles must be held in position prior to welding. An IONFIX Compact Static Generator powering a 7090/7095 Static Pinner, or a 7160 Generator Bar, can apply charge for insertion and temporary adhesion.

Other applications include sticking layers of bags together for tight stacking, holding the drawstring fold in place on refuse bags before welding, or even having some static charge in a pile of bags so that when one bag is extracted, the next bag is pulled out behind.

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