Horizontal pouch filling stations often suffer from unwanted product attraction to the top of the pouch. This impairs the sachet sealing.

Industry: Packaging
Improved Horizontal Pouch Filling - Select a problem:

If space permits, use either a Single Point Ioniser such as the AC powered 1260/1265 or a short range 3014 or 1250-S Static Eliminator bar to project ions at the fill.

Even with neutralised fill, it is still advisable to neutralise inside the empty sachet immediately prior to the filling station.

If the sachet is clearly open, then a single point ioniser such as the 1260, or a short range 3014 or 1250-S Static Eliminator bar, can be used above the open sachet.

If the sachet is closed, then the airflow from a 4400, 4510 or 4800 Ionised Air Nozzle will force a flow of ions inside.

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