The 4200SP Single Point Ionised Air Nozzle is a versatile and effective product for removing dust and static electricity.

Simple design

Easy incorporation into machinery


Nozzle amplifies compressed air by up to 20:1

Quiet operation

Less than 68 dBA at 4 Bar pressure

The 4200SP is part of Fraser`s comprehensive range of cleaning products for the neutralisation of static and dust removal from mouldings, assemblies, PCBs, automobiles, graphics, optics and medical parts.

Used with a Fraser HP Power Unit to provide up to 6 kV of ionising power, the 4200SP Single Point Ionised Air Nozzle transports ionised air at high speed towards the object.  The ionisation kills the static charge, allowing the dust to be blown off by the fast moving air without the risk of re-attraction

  • Airflow amplifier nozzles can be used at up to 7 Bar for powerful thrust and blow-off
  • All critical parts are encapsulated for a long life and are replaceable if damaged
  • Simple design optimises ionisation and blow-off power
  • Quiet, economical and completely shockproof operation
  • Versatile and easy to install with ¼” air connection


For all options, see also the complete range of Fraser’s contaminant removal and static neutralisation products.


The best choice of product depends upon process speed, the distance of the static eliminator from the target and the level of static charge to be neutralised. Please get in touch for further assistance.


Stainless steel body with PTFE and nylon. Stainless steel bracket with anodised aluminium air nozzle.


154.1 x 40 mm (H x W)


Hi-Flex 30 kV screened cable with 70 mm bend diameter. Standard length is 2 m - longer lengths can be specified at time of order (subject to maximum load on power unit).


100 Mohm resistance for shockless operation. The system is shockless and meets OSHA and other safety standards, as the nozzle cannot be dead-ended.

Power Unit

Use with Fraser 5.5 kV and 6 kV power units. See Datasheets.

Air Supply

Regulate down to required pressure. From 1 Bar to 7 Bar. Air must be clean and dry. Supplied with 6 mm OD push-fit connector.


60° C max. 70 % rH non-condensing max.



Industrial Static Electricity – Its causes, effects and solutions

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