The 4900 Roto-Clean combines an advanced circular ioniser with high speed, rotating air jets to create a uniquely effective tool for removing dust and contamination from industrial parts.

Unique design, unique performance

Advanced circular ioniser with high speed rotating air jets

Thorough cleaning and static neutralisation

Pulsed air effect cleans complex shapes and crevices.

Versatile installation

Configurable to demands of the process

The 4900 Roto-Clean combines an advanced circular ioniser with high speed, rotating air jets to create a uniquely effective tool for contamination and dust removal from industrial parts.

Twin air-powered jets rotate at up to 60 times per second, delivering a 360° flow of ionised air onto the product in a pulsed air hammer effect at up to 240 times per second. This removes contamination and neutralises the static electricity which attracted it.

  • The angle of the high thrust air jets changes as the product passes to achieve the most thorough cleaning of simple and complicated shapes
  • Powerful, 100 % coverage static neutralisation
  • Efficient use of compressed air for low running cost and fast payback
  • Easy to install on conveyors, robot arms and cleaning stations
  • Available in two sizes and configurable for any size and shape of product or process

The 4900 Roto-Clean is used wherever a clean and static-free product is needed from injection mouldings, machined parts, assemblies, trays, panels and medical parts to PCBs, etc.

Used with Fraser HP Power Units, there are two versions of the 4900 Roto-Clean:

  • 4900-112 – 112 mm diameter
  • 4900-178 – 178 mm diameter


For wider products, the 4900 Roto-Clean can be used in series – see Mounting Kit on 4900 Datasheet.

The best choice of product depends upon process speed, the distance of the static eliminator from the target and the level of static charge to be neutralised. Please get in touch for further assistance.


Ioniser: Anodised aluminium, PVC, epoxy resin.
Air parts: Stainless steel, aluminium and brass (air nozzles).


Diameter: 112 mm or 178 mm. See Datasheet for specific dimensions.
Can be used individually or joined together to clean wider objects.


Hi-Flex 30 kV screened cable with 70 mm bend diameter. Standard length is 3 m, longer lengths can be specified at time of order. The cable is suitable for most robot applications.


Shockless and safe to use in normal industrial applications. Emitter pin current is < 100 µA. The HP Power Unit output is current-limited to 5 mA.

Power Unit

Use with Fraser 5.5 kV and 6 kV Power Units. The Fraser HP50-F Power Unit can supply up to four Roto-Clean devices. It requires 115 V or 230 V, 50 or 60 Hz supply. See Datasheets.

Air Supply

The air must be clean and dry. The operational pressure is from 1 Bar to 3.5 Bar maximum. Typical working pressure 2 Bar. Air fitting: 8mm push-in type.


Clean, dry and oil-free location. 0 - 50 °C, 70 % rH non-condensing max.
Noise < 80 dBA at 1 m lateral distance, without product.




Available in 2 versions: 112 mm diameter (Part No. 4900-112) or 178 mm diameter (Part No. 4900-112).
Can be used in series - see Roto-Clean Mounting Kit (Part No. 49002) on Datasheet.

4900 Roto-Clean – A revolution in anti-static cleaning

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