Static electricity causes contamination issues throughout the injection moulding process.

Industry: Automotive
Reduce Contaminants in Automotive Plastic Mouldings - Select a problem:

A controlled flow of ionised air from a 4125 Air Gun, 4900 Roto-Clean or from a 5000 or 5100 Ionised Air Knife, will effectively deflash swarf and dust from a wide range of plastic automotive products.

The ionisation neutralises the static and prevents reattraction while the airflow removes the dust.

Highly charged plastic components can stick to the transport belt instead of falling into a collection bin.

The 1250 Air Bar or 3024 Compact Air Bar combine static elimination with air assistance to gently remove the attraction to allow the parts to fall in the bin.

Quantities of plastic components in storage bins can accumulate a considerable static charge. This will attract unwanted contaminants and can even cause painful shocks for an operator.

A long range 3850 Ionstorm or NEOS 12L pulsed DC static eliminator positioned above the parts bin will provide enough neutralisation for the operator to work safely with clean components.

To prepare for the best possible finish and reduce product rejection, all surface contaminants must be removed from components prior to painting.

5000 and 5100 Ionised Air Knives, the 5500 Ionised Air Knife System and the high-thrust 4900 Roto-Clean, which is ideally suited to complex 3D shapes, can all provide efficient neutralisation and dust removal solutions.

EX options also available.

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