Screenprinting is still widely used and remains a major area for static problems - particularly in the sign-making industry where plastic substrates are widely employed.

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Static levels in the sheet after the drier can be very high. It causes bad stacking and shocks to operators. The normal solution is to use a 1250-S or 3014 short range static elimination bar immediately after the conveyor.

If there is a lot of curl on the sheets, a longer range 3024L or NEOS 12L Static Eliminator can be positioned up to 600 mm away for wider area neutralisation.

The most versatile and economic solution is the 4125 Ionised Air Gun. This blow-off gun is not only an effective tool for dust removal but also neutralises the charge, preventing re-attraction of contaminants.

For automated production, we offer a range of air nozzles, air knives and long range static eliminators that can be integrated into the process.

Static-related problems include ink-fly, dust attraction to the screen and the substrate sticking to the screen. The traditional solution is to attach a short range static eliminator bar - such as a 1250-S or 3014 - to the squeegee to neutralise the screen.

A better method is to use 3024L or NEOS 12L long range anti-static bars positioned up to 600 mm from the screen. This floods the area with ionised air which neutralises the charge as soon as it is generated.

When handling plastic sheets from a stack, the lifting of the sheet transfers a static charge to the operator. This stored charge then discharges to any metal near the operator's skin, giving a painful but harmless shock.

Many plastic substrates - including styrene, PVC, polycarbonate and various types of foam boards - can carry a very large static charge. This is compounded when these substrates have been corona-treated to improve printability.

One or two pulsed DC 3850 Ionstorm long range static elimination bars positioned above the handling area will neutralise the charge on both the materials and the operator.

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