Structural foam components are used because of their high strength to weight ratio. However, cooling and separation from the mould tool results in statically charged products.

Industry: Automotive
Remove Static in Structural Foam Applications - Select a problem:

Mouldings that have been trimmed, machined or allowed to attract airborne contaminants often need cleaning before packing, painting or incorporating into further products.

The 4125 Ionised Air Gun, 4200 Ionised Air Nozzle System or 5000/5100 Ionised Air Knives will neutralise the static charge and clean the mouldings.

The separation from the moulding tool and cooling process results in highly charged products. This can result in shocks to operators when handled.

Long range static eliminators such as NEOS or Ionstorm, or the 2010 Ionised Air Blower positioned immediately after the tool will reduce this charge and make the product safe.

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