There are three commonly encountered static-related problems in pad printing. These are dust on the product before printing, ink-fly/feathering or cobweb patterning on the product, and static build-up on the pad attracting contaminants.

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A manual solution solution is the 4125 Ionised Air Gun. This blow-off gun is not only an effective tool for dust removal but also neutralises the charge on the moulding, preventing re-attraction of contaminants.

For automated feeding, there is a range of air nozzles and air knives that can be integrated into the process.

Depending on the size of the product, the solution is to position one or two 1250-S, 3014 or 3024F short range static eliminator bars at the side of the print area. The ionised air created will absorb the static charge as soon as it is generated.

Positioning a short range static elimination bar such as a
1250-S or 3014 between the plates and the product will neutralise the charge on the pad and prevent the attraction of contaminants.

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