The Fraser Ioniser Cleaning Kit helps maintain the efficiency of static control equipment.

Specially developed cleaning kit

Fast and effective essential maintenance

Suitable for all Fraser static eliminators

AC and DC bars, blowers, air guns, nozzles

Keeps equipment performing “like new”

Dirt is the major reason for reduced performance

The Fraser Ioniser Cleaning Kit consists of a heavy duty brush and a special cleaning fluid that will keep static control equipment performing to the highest level.

Static control products naturally become dirty because:

  • the electric field attracts airborne dust;
  • the high voltage “carbonises” the air putting a conductive black layer onto the device; and
  • in some applications, such as coating and printing, the contamination may be from the ink or coating.  Other applications, such as hot processing of plastics, produce gases which can cover the electrode with a conductive coating.

By diverting the energy to ground, the contamination reduces the energy available for ionisation in the emitter.  In extreme cases, the contamination may overload the equipment and cause it to shut down.

It is important to clean all static control equipment regularly to maintain its efficiency and extend its working life.  The Fraser Ioniser Cleaning Kit (Part No. 81220) is suitable for use with all static neutralisation and generation electrodes, including bars, blowers, guns, nozzles and air knives.

Brush Dimensions

100 mm x 50 mm x 48 mm (W x H x D).


The brush has been specially designed to clean Fraser equipment. It is robust and easy to hold – protecting the operator’s fingers from the sharp emitters.

The 20 mm length of the 0.4 mm diameter nylon filaments is sufficient to clean around the emitters effectively.

See the Datasheet for information on How to Use the Cleaning Kit.

Cleaning Fluid

This is a special formulation for static control products. The mixture of solvent and cleaning chemicals remove the most stubborn contamination.

Fraser Anti-Static Cleaning Fluid evaporates without leaving a residue, is water-free and non-conductive.

Use undiluted.

See the 81220 Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS) for more information.

Industrial Static Electricity – Its causes, effects and solutions

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